2157 – Tannhauser

When the first mass produced M/AM starship reactors were finally certified in March 2157, several existing classes of fusion-powered ships had already been redesigned and adapted to make use of the new technology. The smaller Krechet class was the first class to enter service, in April 2157. The Krechet was developed from the fusion powered Amarillo class.

Derivatives of Bison type hulls soon followed. The Tannhauser class battlecruiser (CHM-55) was the first of these. The first ship of the class, UES Tannhauser, entered service only 1 month after the UES Krechet.

The Tannhauser class cruiser were essentially lengthened Pioneer class ships. The design was further modified to use the new EFTL-4 warp dirve system, which had been designed for ships with displacements greater than 300,000 tons.

As with the Krechet class, the smaller amount of deuterium that needed to be carried for the far more efficient M/AM reactor system allowed a larger payload, including both weaponry and more powerful sensors and deflectors.

One notable feature of the class was the extreme forward placement of the nacelles in a “hammerhead” arrangement, which was done in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to increase maneuverability at warp speeds.

The first three ships of the class, UES Tannhauser, UES Vicksburg and UES Marathon, commissioned into the fleet in May 2157, and all three participated in the Battle of Hell’s Gate in October 2157.

The 14 Tannhuaser class ships built continued to serve effectively throughout the war but were relegated to secondary roles when UESN became the basis of Starfleet in 2161.

The Tannhauser class heavy cruiser UES Hastings (CHM-58) is now on display at the Starfleet Museum.

  • Class: XVII
  • Year: 2157
  • Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum Ship
  • Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships

  • UES Tannhäuser CHM-55
  • UES Waterloo CHM-56
  • UES Vicksburg CHM-57 **
  • UES Hastings CHM-58
  • UES Agincourt CHM-59
  • UES Marathon CHM-60
  • UES Trafalgar CHM-61
  • Teutoburger Wald CHM-62 **
  • UES San Jacinto CHM-63 **
  • UES Little Bighorn CHM-64
  • UES Thermopylae CHM-65
  • UES Gettysburg CHM-66 **
  • UES Badr CHM-67
  • UES Shiloh CHM-68

** denotes lost or missing ships.


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