2159 – Conqueror

The Conqueror Class battle cruisers were the final Bison class based ships to be built during the Romulan war

These cruisers, introduced in 2159, were basically improved Tannhauser class ships with the new more powerful EFTL-9 Warp drive with nacelles mounted outboard above the centerline, and an upgraded sensor suite.

New weapons included a forehead-mounted, high-velocity “missile rifle” with a rotary feed system for the ET-4 missile, and a ship-to-ship version of the ELC-2 Electron laser cannon first used in the Farragut class.

These immense cruisers gave invaluable service during the last year of the war, particularly at the battle of Cheron, where their steady missile barrages helped batter the Romulan fleet into submission. UES Charger was the flagship of Task Force 41, which led the final drive towards the Romulan Homeworlds.

However, when peace came in 2160 the class proved prohibitively expensive to maintain and crew, and accordingly all were retired by 2163.

The Conqueror class battlecruiser UES Charger is now on display at the Starfleet Museum.


Class: XVII Year: 2159
Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum Ship Datasheet: Download PDF

conqueror_large_sideCommissioned Ships

  • UES Conqueror CHM-69
  • UES Dominator CHM-70
  • UES Devastator CHM-71
  • UES Charger CHM-72
  • UES Liberator CHM-73 **
  • UES Avenger CHM-74
  • UES Damocles CHM-75
  • UES Leviathan CHM-76
  • UES Excalibur CHM-77
  • UES Victory CHM-78 (NCC-82)
  • UES Hercules CHM-79 (NCC-83)
  • UES Executor CHM-80
  • UES Champion CHM-81
  • UES Protector CHM-82 (NCC-84)
  • UES Vindicator CHM-83** denotes lost or missing ships.

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