2158 – Yorktown

Introduced in June 2158, the Minotaur fighter and the M/AM-powered Yorktown Class carrier were an attempt to overcome the operational limitations of early M/AM ships by combining the speed and range M/AM-powered warp flight with the maneuverability of high-impulse fighters. Yorktown was based on the Pioneer class cruiser, which had entered service in 2154 and had itself been developed from the Bison-class transport. YORKTOWN carried a new M/AM reactor and four paired EFTL-7A warp nacelles. The impulse drive and its fusion reactor were moved to the extreme stern.

At the front of the cylindrical hull, which had been lengthened by some 20 m, were the ship’s sensors and navigational deflector, as well as command centers, the computer core, crew facilities, and life-support machinery. In the center section were docking cradles for 5 Minotaur long-range fighters. In the aft section were auxiliary deuterium tanks, the missile room, and support facilities for the fighters. With a displacement of some 670,000 tons, Yorktown was by far the largest Earth-designed warship produced to that time and would not be surpassed until the Ambassador class was launched in the 2330s.

After the war, many Yorktowns were converted to fast transports and tankers or sold

The YORKTOWN-class carrier UES SARATOGA and the MINOTAUR fighter Gwendoline are now on display at the Starfleet Museum.

  • Class: XX
  • Year: 2158
  • Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum
  • Ship Datasheet: Download PDFyorktown_large

Commissioned Ships

  • UES Yorktown CVM-5
  • UES Lexington CVM-6
  • UES Langley CVM-7
  • UES Nimitz CVM-8
  • UES Ranger CVM-9 **
  • UES Monterey CVM-10
  • UES Essex CVM-11**
  • UES Hornet CVM-12
  • UES Cowpens CVM-13
  • UES Boxer CVM-14
  • UES Kitty Hawk CVM-15
  • UES Prince of Wales CVM-16
  • UES Enterprise CVM-17 **
  • UES Intrepid CVM-18 **
  • UES Dwight D. Eisenhower CVM-19
  • UES Midway CVM-20
  • UES Franklin D. Roosevelt CVM-21 **
  • UES Douglas MacArthur CVM-22
  • UES Harry S Truman CVM-23
  • UES Bunker Hill CVM-24
  • UES Sherman CVM-25
  • UES Yamato CVM-26
  • UES Saratoga CVM-27
  • UES Antietam CVM-29
  • UES Valley Forge CVM-30
  • UES Triumph CVM-31
  • UES Akagi CVM-32
  • UES Hood CVM-33
  • UES Potemkin CVM-34
  • UES Franklin CVM-35
  • UES Winston Churchill CVM-36
  • UES Repulse CVM-37
  • UES Exeter CVM-38
  • UES Bataan CVM-39 **
  • UES Independence CVM-40
  • UES Randolph CVM-41 **
  • UES Forrestal CVM-42
  • UES Rabin CVM-43
  • UES Ticonderoga CVM-44
  • UES Bismarck CVM-45
  • UES Fearless CVM-46
  • UES Coral Sea CVM-47
  • UES Oriskany CVM-48
  • UES Kearsarge CVM-49
  • UES Bonhomme Richard CVM-50

** Denotes Lost or missing ship


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