2168 – Juggernaut

The Juggernaut uniquely represents one of the major intelligence triumphs of the Romulan War, and one of the major engineering failures of the post war era.

Snatched from it’s Romulan builders prior to completion by operation ‘Golden Pheasant’ in 2157, the ship was docked safely at Andor. It was stripped of its equipment by Intelligence and Engineering personnel in a bid to learn as much as possible about Romulan Technology. The ship was to be refitted with Earth and Andorian technology and turned loose against it’s former owners.

In the event, the war ended before the ship was completed, and work was slowed to such an extent that the ship was not completed until 2168. After competitive trials against the USS Goliath (a Federation prototype battle cruiser) she was quietly decommissioned as an expensive failure (as was the Goliath, as the new technology used was not yet mature enough to allow these ships to operate efficiently). Later she was moved to Memory Alpha as a museum ship, were she remained for almost a century until Orion pirates hijacked her.

Juggernaut was recovered, but not before the Orions had carried out considerable work in upgrading the shipboard systems and weapons to 23rd century standards. As a result Starfleet Corps of Engineers completed the work began by the Orions, and the ship was finally commissioned, over a century after being commenced, to act as a Training ship attached to the Academy at Andor. In 2295, the ship was again decommissioned, and rededicated as a memorial to lives lost on both sides in the Romulan War.

  • Class: XIV
  • Year: 2168
  • Ship Source: FASA
  • Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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