2152 – Amarillo

The Amarillo Class fusion powered Heavy cruiser served in the Fleet at the outbreak of the Romulan War. Although eclipsed by the far larger battle cruisers that served during the war, it can be argued that the Amarillo class marked the start of the proud tradition of Starfleet Heavy Cruisers.

The first 5 Amarillo Class ships entered service in 2152. At the time of the outbreak of the Romulan War they were still the most advanced Cruiser Class in service.

The ships compared well to the far larger Pioneer Class they served alongside, they had a similar power output and were far easier to handle in combat due to their smaller size. The Amarillo having similar firepower, but less combat persistence due to its limited number of missile relaods.

As with all ships of the period the Spherical Command hull held virtually all of the ship’s vital functions and crewed areas. The Design was also notable for starting the tradition, long maintained by Federation ships of mounting all of its weapons to cover the forward firing arcs.

Technically the only real flaw with the design lay in its power generation system. The ship was powered by Fusion reactors, although this did not generate less power than later Matter/Antimatter reactors it did use far more fuel, hence the operational range of these ships was only 100 hours at warp speed.

Despite this the class took the brunt of the early fighting in the Romulan War, and served alongside the later Krechet class (which basically added an antimatter generator to the same basic design) until finally replaced in 2158 by the Powhatan, Torsk and Conqueror classes. In all 16 of the 25 ships of this class were lost in action during the conflict, this should not be taken as a failure on the part of the design, more as a failure of Earth’s defensive preparations. The class performed as well as any could have hoped, but in the face of overwhelming opposition suffered inevitable losses at the hands of the Romulan Fleet.

The AMARILLO-class cruiser UES WOLVERTON (CC-47) is now on display at the Starfleet Museum.

Class: X Year: 2152
Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned vessels

  • UES Amarillo CC-33 **
  • UES Shikoku CC-34 **
  • UES Kursk CC-35 **
  • UES St. Petersburg CC-36 **
  • UES London CC-37 **
  • UES Kamina CC-38 **
  • UES Syracuse CC-39
  • UES Celebes CC-40 **
  • UES Sarajevo CC-41 **
  • UES Portland CC-42 **
  • UES Wilmington CC-43
  • UES Xiaguan CC-44
  • UES Cairo CC-45
  • UES Jakarta CC-46 **
  • UES Wolverton CC-47
  • UES Milan CC-48 **
  • UES Charleston CC-49
  • UES Bozeman CC-50 **
  • UES Stockholm CC-51 **
  • UES Kinshasa CC-52
  • UES Melbourne CC-53 **
  • UES Bremen CC-54 **
  • UES Johannesburg CC-55 **
  • UES Agata CC-56
  • UES New Orleans CC-57

** denotes lost or missing ships.


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