2157 – Krechet

The Krechet class, with its matter/antimatter power plant, added range to the admirable qualities of the earlier Amarillo class. Additionally the class was the first since the experimental NX class to use matter/antimatter propulsion.

The first Krechet class ships entered service in 2157. They were the first ships to serve in the fleet with matter/antimatter reactors since the experimental (and expensive) NX class of 6 years earlier. The reversion to matter/antimatter reactors was caused by the need to give combat vessels a far greater range as a result of the need to undertake offensive rather than defensive operations. The Krechet class had a range of 1000 hours at warp, 5 times that of the Amarillo. Otherwise performance was similar to the earlier class, although total power and speed were slightly higher

The command hull was based on that of the Amarillo, the main structural change being the relocation of the Warp nacelles to front of the vessel in an attempt to improve warp field dynamics and efficiency

August 2157, UES Krechet and UES Bowen, were on patrol in sector 23, 10 light years from the nearest starbase or outpost. Because of their longer ranges and higher speeds, the Krechet class was able to monitor what had previously been a potential route of invasion. On August 23, UES Bowen detected a high interstellar deuterium concentration. The cruisers tracked the deuterium to three Romulan tankers. Remaining out of sensor range to avoid alerting the tankers, they fired a message torpedo towards starbase 44 then continued along the tanker’s projected course until they found the Romulan invasion fleet 1 light year inside UE Alliance space. After reinforcements, including Tannhauser class heavy cruisers, arrived and engaged the Romulans near Hell’s Gate, the remnants of the badly mauled and surrounded invasion fleet self-destructed to avoid capture.

In all just eight Krechet class ships were built, of which only two were lost. Although the Krechet class was a transitional design that was not effective across the entire performance spectrum, it did allow the fleet to gain valuable experience in maintaining and operating M/AM powered vessels under wartime conditions. As the UE Alliance went on the offensive in mid- 2158, Krechets were largely relegated to secondary roles by the newer and more capable Conqueror and Powhatan classes.

The KRECHET-class cruiser UES FEUERSTEIN (CCM-4) is now on display at the Starfleet Museum.

Class: IX Year: 2157
Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships

  • UES Krechet CCM-1
  • UES Bowen CCM-2 **
  • UES Rattler CCM-3
  • UES Feuerstein CCM-4
  • UES Panther CCM-5
  • UES Blazer CCM-6
  • UES Shturmovikh CCM-7
  • UES Oguma CCM-8 **** denotes lost or missing ships

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