2174 – Bonaventure II

Design of what became the Bonaventure II Class began as far back as 2163, it built on a number of different design concepts (including the Bonaventure I Class of 2166). In many ways this blending of the NX, Daedalus and Bonaventure I design can be seen as the starting point for the Heavy Cruiser design concept which led ultimately to the Pyotr Velikiy Class of 2241 and Constitution Class of 2245.

The Class ship was christened USS Bonaventure following the loss of the previous USS Bonaventure in 2169 on her third mission. The Bonaventure (II) Class ultimately met the multirole mission profile devised by Starfleet which the Dragon Class (qv) was unable to meet.

  • Class: X
  • Year: 2174
  • Ship Source: Ships of the Line Calendar (2006)
  • Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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