2252 – Agilis

The Agilis (PA-820) Class was the most common Perimeter action class in Starfleet between the 2250’s and 2280’s. A simple twin engine design, the Agilis was notable in mounting a pair of high powered accelerator cannons in a ventral pod, giving the vessel impressive firepower both fore and aft. A third accelerator cannon was mounted separately in the primary hull, to ensure that it was not possible to knock out the bulk of the ship’s firepower with a single hit.

The Agilis used the simple and tested FWH-1 warp drive, although many felt an engine such as FWA-1 was a better choice, it was felt that the load carrying capability of the FWH-1 would allow the carriage of the maximum possible weapon load. The engines as fitted to the Agilis varied from the standard FWH-1, in that top line speed was massively boosted, at the expense of 50% poor fuel efficiency, however this was felt to be acceptable given the mission profile of the Agilis. In service the Mk1 was a revelation in that it outperformed both of the larger PA classes, and in total 155 Mk1 ships entered service, and saw considerable combat during the four years war.

The class was refiited postwar with phasers and photon torpedoes, but the lighter weights of these systems meant that the Kiaga could finally carry a full weapon load, while the computer system of the Agilis meant that the already large weapon load could not be increased by a similar amount. As such the Mk2 Agilis, was slightly less combat efficient than the Mk2 Kiaga. Throughout its career, he Agilis was cramped and uncomfortable for crews, but the rugged simplicity and toughness of the craft endeared it to the crews who served aboard.

  • Class: VI
  • Year: 2252
  • Ship Source: Steve Bacon, name and basic history from Ships of the Starfleet Vol 1, design inspired by Akyazi class.
  • Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



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