2227 – Valley Forge

In 2220 many members of the Federation Council, and Starfleet itself, recognized that the present borders of the Federation could not be adequately defended without a major investment in Ships and Starbases. The council decided that some of the marginal outlying colonies would be abandoned, and a new defensive perimeter established around the core colonies. This change of Policy required smaller Cruisers and Destroyers to be stationed at the colonies, rather than the patrolling Heavy Cruisers and Dreadnoughts previously procured.

The Lancaster Class of 2205 had proven successful, but was expensive in terms of construction, maintenance and manpower. The plan was to procure a smaller ship, using proven technologies at a lower unit cost. The design was to be evolutionary, not revolutionary. It was also to be a stand against the ever increasing growth in Starship size and cost. All construction of the class was to be carried out in Starfleet Division Shipyards. The lead ship of the class, USS Valley Forge, launched in November 2226, and commissioned in August 2227. The class was slimmer than the previous Lancaster class, but the design still followed the concepts from the Daedalus class of 2160.

More frequent border incursions by the Klingons started soon after the first Valley Forge class ships joint the fleet in 2227. The first major engagement was fought by these ships in 20 August 2242, when the USS Cougar engaged a squadron of 12 Klingon D6 cruisers attacking the Cicatrix IV colony. She destroyed two ships in combat, and a third by ramming, although the Cougar was also lost.

The Valley Forge class was also extensively used in Police Actions, especially in anti Orion priracy operations, as their greater maneuverability was better suited to engaging small targets compared to the larger cruiser classes, which were designed to engage other cruisers and capital ships. As newer ships entered service the Valley Forge class ships gradually assumed lesser roles, although they continued in service until the 2280s. The class also formed the basis for the Belleau Wood class assault transports and Siegfried class dreadnoughts (of 2232 and 2235 respectively).

USS RATTLESNAKE (NCC-1493), a participant of the Battle of Donatu V and numerous other engagements, is on display at the Starfleet Museum.

  • Class: IX
  • Year: 2227
  • Ship Source: The Starfleet Museum
  • Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships

USS Valley Forge NCC-1463
USS Aldrin NCC-1464
USS Tigress NCC-1465
USS California NCC-1466
USS St. Petersburg NCC-1467
USS Cougar NCC-1468
USS Independence NCC-1469
USS Diana NCC-1470
USS Arizona NCC-1471
USS O’Bannon NCC-1472
USS Tokyo NCC-1473
USS Bonderenko NCC-1474
USS Europa NCC-1475
USS Normandy NCC-1476
USS Clarke NCC-1477
USS Proteus NCC-1478
USS Los Angeles NCC-1479
USS Aelita NCC-1480
USS Elvgren NCC-1481
USS Hong Kong NCC-1482
USS Ishtar NCC-1483
USS LaFayette NCC-1484
USS Yamato NCC-1485
USS Vesta NCC-1486
USS Masaryk NCC-1487
USS Cherenkov NCC-1488
USS Oriskany NCC-1489
USS Clavius NCC-1490
USS Sheridan NCC-1491
USS Toklas NCC-1492
USS Rattlesnake NCC-1493
USS Asaph Hall NCC-1494
USS Ripley NCC-1495
USS Dallas NCC-1496
USS Canberra NCC-1497
USS Boxer NCC-1498
USS Cheetah NCC-1499
USS Artemis NCC-1500
USS Scorpion NCC-1501
USS Narcissus NCC-1502
USS Ganesa NCC-1503
USS Dolphin NCC-1504
USS Vargas NCC-1505
USS Anaconda NCC-1506


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