2247 – Marklin

The Marklin class, despite some limitations, gained an impressive combat record. This is largely due to the Actions of Captain Garth of Izar aboard his command the USS Xenophon. The lightest of the 2240-50 Destroyers, the Marklin was used extensively in an independent role as the twin engine design was deemed to be more survivable than the single engine design of most of its contemporaries.

For its time, the Marklin class destroyer was one of Starfleet’s most capable light offensive vessels. Having good power output and excellent maneuverability, it was a favorite with Military Operations. However, the design was also a victim of politics and only 20 were built.

The Marklin, an Andorian design, was first proposed to Starfleet by Chiokis Starship Construction in 2239 (1/82). Chiokis believed it could construct a light vessel which could serve in a military role, but also double as a solid platform for routine scientific study, much like the role of Starfleet’s cruisers. Impressed with the possibility of having a capable combat vessel and modest research vessel for the cost of a destroyer, Starfleet ordered 20 Marklins for immediate production.

Although the design had been approved, the controversy was just beginning. One week after the USS Marklin began construction, a lawsuit was filed against Chiokis Starship Construction and Starfleet Procurement by M’Yengh Yards for corporate conspiracy. M’Yengh Yards accused Starfleet Procurement (mainly one member in particular who had financial interests in Chiokis) with accepting Chiokis’ design without competition or bidding for the purpose of individual and corporate financial gain. This created a firestorm within Starfleet and the corporate world and the case was fast-tracked through the Federation Judiciary.

Eighteen months later, the Federation Tribunal overturned Quadrant One’s Appellate Court verdict and ruled against M’Yengh Yards in principle. The court determined that Starfleet could entertain solicitations from firms in confidence, without announcing the details of the proposal. Chiokis was, the court determined, acting in the best interests of its shareholders and company when it proposed the Marklin to Starfleet.

The court also determined that Starfleet could not, however, enter into an exclusive contract with Chiokis, meaning that most of the components used to build the Marklin would have to be open to bid. In addition, the court recommended that members of the board at Starfleet Procurement should relinquish any financial interests or other possible conflicts of interests when serving on the board. This policy was accepted and is still in place today.

In 2245, Starfleet announced that it would not order any more Marklins over the initial 20. Starfleet cited lower than expected performance for the decision, but those involved with the Marklin project were shocked. Many still believe that Starfleet decided to cut the Marklin project to repair its public image after the M’Yengh lawsuit.

Although tarnished by politics, the Marklin would serve with distinction throughout the Four Years War. It was one of her number, the USS Xenophon commanded by Captain Garth of Izar, which played the crucial role in the First and Second Battles of Axanar. All surviving Marklin class vessels were decommissioned shortly after the Four Years War.


Class: V Year: 2247
Ship Source: Based on FASA Image Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



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