2240 – Vagabond

The Vagabond design shared many concepts with the later Constitution class, they were designed in tandem, but the Vagabond entered service first due to the use of lower risk components in the design, where the Constitution pushed the envelope of many of the technologies. The secondary hull of the Vagabond was tested on the USS Wanderer of the earlier Wayfarer class (also designed by P.T.Riley).

The elongated saucer of the Vagabond was utilised for laboratories and an enhanced planetary sensor suite. In service the Vagabond proved useful, and when pressed into combat was manoueverable and a useful addition to the fleet. However the elongated saucer was found to be prone to stress around the primary hull connector owing to the stresses caused by the propulsion system being dependent on the same connector unlike the configuration of the Wanderer.

  • Class: X
  • Year: 2240
  • Ship Source: Riley Dynamics
  • Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon


Commissioned Ships (include)

  • USS Vagabond NCC-1671
  • USS Gypsy NCC-1672

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