2226 – Kremlin

The Kremlin Class was based on the primary hull of the earlier Asia class to reduce development time. Although well equipped with sensors the weapons fit was not sufficient for the ship to protect itself in a unfriendly area, and four of the class were lost in the 2260s, and the remainder were pulled back to safer areas

Class: V Year: 2226
Ship Source: Ex Astris Scientia/ Bernd Schnieder Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships

  • USS Kremlin NCC-1433
  • USS Topaz NCC-1437
  • USS Courageous NCC-1438
  • USS Montana NCC-1510
  • USS Rio Grande NCC-1511
  • USS Bordeaux NCC-1512
  • USS Wolf NCC-1513
  • USS Nemesis NCC-1543
  • USS Kronstadt NCC-1544
  • USS Dauphin NCC-1545
  • USS Mesopotamia NCC-1638
  • USS Potomac NCC-1639
  • USS New Berlin NCC-1640
  • USS Archanis NCC-1641
  • USS Zulu NCC-1686
  • USS Dragon NCC-1687

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