2249 – Tyrannis

Recognising the issues with the stress around the secondary hull connector of the Vagabond class, Starfleet took a radical approach in resolving the problem.

The USS Tyrannis, the planned 15th ship of the Vagabond class was modified while under construction to have two ventrally mounted warp nacelles and no secondary hull. The primary hull was largely unchanged from the Vagabond except for the nacelle mounts.

The Tyrannis class resolved the problems in the Vagabond class, and proved to be an effective exploration cruiser, supplementing the new Anton class.

Like the Anton class these ships proved to be too lightly armed, and with the advent of the four years war construction was curtailed at 14 vessels in 2254.

After the war, four Vagabond class ships were converted to this configuration, making good the four vessels lost during the war.

The Tyrannis class received a refit in 2261-63 gaining phasers and photon torpedoes, which gave the ships the ability to mount a more robust defence. The ships survived in until 2290, and many were sold onto the private sector.

Class: X Year: 2249
Ship Source: P.T.Riley Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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