2244 – Anton

The Anton Class shared its basic design concept with the Coventry class frigate, but in terms of equipment there were major differences as the Anton was equipped as a Research Cruiser with roughly half the weapons capability of the Coventry class. The Anton class having an enhanced science fit instead as befitted its role as a research cruiser.

First commissioned in 2244 during the period known as “The Great Awakening”, the Anton Class cruiser was in the forefront of that expansion effort. At the time, Star Fleet itself was expanding in response to the changing and expanding economic and political goals of the UFP. To meet the demand of a larger navy, the Military Appropriations Committee authorized the development and testing of hundreds of vessel types, the Anton among them.

During this same period, the concepts of ship design were rapidly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and the technology to build and operate starships was going through an industrial revolution. Advances in all facets of the technology required to construct, maintain, and operate a starship was changing so rapidly that some ships were obsolete before they were completed. The Anton design was changed no fewer than 12 times before the tooling and machining was begun. Even so, the ship required some alterations during its trials and was to see many more changes after its commissioning, the last of which was the refitting to the Reliant Class.

When these new cruisers were launched, they were only capable of performing 3-year missions with re-supply at 1-year intervals. This made their dual-purpose role of research cruiser harder to perform. With the great distances that had to be traveled, they could not get more than 6-months travel time from a friendly outpost. This meant they could only advance as fast as the frontier was expanding.

Class: X Year: 2244
Ship Source: Based on FASA Anton Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



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