2267 – Baker

The Baker Class is a notable ‘what if’ in the history of Starfleet’s cruisers. The requirement that the Baker was built for, was for a smaller stablemate for the Constitution Class to replace the earlier Antares class, and to allow the diversion of the smaller exploration cruisers to more localised duties.

The class would have been notable in being the first major new cruiser class designed and built since the end of the four years war. However, in the event though the decision was made that existing Cruiser classes would be sufficient to meet requirements and that the Baker class design was better suited for use as a Destroyer, a role it has proved very suitable for. Only the USS Baker was ever completed as a Cruiser using circumferential warp drive, as part of the refit to Destroyer standards the Baker was refitted with linear warp engines.

lass: VIII Year: 2267
Ship Source: FASA Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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