2242 – Nightingale

Based on the ubiquitous Ptolemy Class Transport Hull, the Nightingale entered service in 2242 replacing the obsolete Mercy class. Compared to a standard Ptolemy, the class has improved shielding and internal modifications to make the class more suitable for the medical role. Due to these modifications Nightingale class ships are rarely used in standard transport duties, and are virtually permanently attached to their medical pod. The two Mk 1 Nightingales are based on the Ptolemy hull and systems, the single Mk 2 is based on a Keppler hull.

With the outbreak of the four years war, five Ptolemy’s taken up from mercantile service were also modified to Nightingale standards, as Mk 3s. The other three ships were also modified to this common standard.

Class: VII Year: 2242
Ship Source: Based on Ptolemy class from Star Fleet Technical Manual Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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