2255 – Kildare

With the outbreak of the four years war, the need for more medical ships became apparent. Four Dollond, and two Doppler class transports were taken up from mercantile service and converted to Kildare standards. The modifications were similar to those that created the Nightingale class, namely improved shields and interior modifications.

Compared to the early Nightingale, the Kildare has far superior hangar facilities. As a result the Nightingale is used primarily as a hospital ship, ferrying wounded back from the war zones to the home planets of the Federation, while the Kildare is used more often in a casualty receiving role, or as rescue vessel.

The Kildares were retained in the fleet post war in a humanitarian and rescue role.

Class: VII Year: 2255
Ship Source: General Plans and Specifications – Dollond Class MK-VIC Heavy Transport Patrick Lichty & Associates Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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