2158 – Comet

Following the successful tests of the Fireball class, the UESN made plans for introducing the design into military service to boost the war effort. The Only changes made to the excellent Fireball design were addition of weapons, and the upgrading of the shields to FDS-2.

The Comet class light cruiser began to enter service in October 2158. They were amongst the fastest ships of the Romulan war and saw extensive service as scouts and light strike cruisers. Originally 50 of the class were been ordered, but the end of the war saw the final 25 cancelled in favor of 25 of the Comet derived Daedalus class exploratory cruisers. 23 Comet class ships survived the war, and were allocated to Starfleet, where they served until 2192.

The Comet class cruiser USS Meteor is now on display at the Starfleet Museum.

The Experimental NG (New Generation) engines and shield systems were redesignated as part of the Federation Designation System in 2161.

  • Class: V
  • Year: 2158
  • Ship Source: Starfleet Museum
  • Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships (UESN)

UES Comet CLM-102
UES Meteor CLM-103
UES Aurora CLM-104
UES Nova CLM-105
UES Pulsar CLM-106
UES Nebula CLM-107
UES Quasar CLM-108
UES Eclipse CLM-109
UES Equinox CLM-110
UES Solstice CLM-111
UES Corona CLM-112
UES Constellation CLM-113
UES Galaxy CLM-114
UES Flare CLM-115
UES Proxima CLM-116
UES Polaris CLM-117
UES Zodiac CLM-118
UES Mercury CLM-119
UES Venus CLM-120
UES Luna CLM-121
UES Mars CLM-122
UES Jupiter CLM-123
UES Saturn CLM-124
UES Uranus CLM-125
UES Neptune CLM-126

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