2160 – Daedalus

Compared to the Comet class that it was developed from, the Daedalus was a far lighter vessel. The Mk 1, which the first 25 ships were built as was designed as an exploration vessel, hence the relatively weak armanent. The 25 Mk 2 ships were intended as mixed use Cruisers, so were more heavily armed.

The Daedalus had many changes to its structure, equipment, and drive system compared to the Comet. These included simplifying the spaceframe, reducing offensive and defensive weaponry, moving the shuttle bay to the rear of the secondary hull, adding scientific facilities, enhancing the sensor suite and increasing the ship’s range. In addition, for the first time, the bridge was placed atop the command hull.
The UES Daedalus joined the fleet in September 2160, just 1 month before the end of the war. Due to their exploration mission profile these ships cruisers were used on scientific missions far from the front line. On these internal missions, the class served admirably without major malfunctions or system failures.

In a formal ceremony held on October 14, 2161 UES Daedalus (CCM-127) was struck from the UESN list and recommissioned as the Federation Starfleet’s first cruiser, USS Daedalus (NCC-150). Although the Deadalus class ships were not the fastest, largest, or most powerful explorers, they made first contact with more civilizations and mapped more star systems at the greatest risk to their crews than any other explorer type of their generation.

USS Carolina, a Mk1 Daedalus Class is now on display in the Starfleet Museum

Class: IV Year: 2160
Ship Source: Starfleet Museum Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships (UESN/UFP)

UES/USS Daedalus CLM-127/NCC-150
UES/USS Icarus CLM-128/NCC-151
UES/USS Phoenix CLM-129/NCC-152
UES/USS Valiant CLM-130/NCC-153
UES/USS Clarke CLM-131/NCC-154
UES/USS Dakota CLM-132/NCC-155
UES/USS Proteus CLM-133/NCC-156
UES/USS Voyager CLM-134/NCC-157
UES/USS Columbus CLM-135/NCC-158
UES/USS Diana CLM-136/NCC-159
UES/USS Carolina CLM-137/NCC-160
UES/USS Soyuz CLM-138/NCC-161
UES/USS Apollo CLM-139/NCC-162
UES/USS Louisiana CLM-140/NCC-163
UES/USS Torvaldson CLM-141/NCC-164
UES/USS Sputnik CLM-142/NCC-165
UES/USS Jefferson CLM-143/NCC-166
UES/USS Tokyo CLM-144/NCC-167
UES/USS Arronax CLM-145/NCC-168
UES/USS Mir CLM-146/NCC-169
UES/USS Bowman CLM-147/NCC-170
UES/USS Roosevelt CLM-148/NCC-171
UES/USS Dolphin CLM-149/NCC-172
UES/USS Essex CLM-150/NCC-173
UES/USS Robinson CLM-151/NCC-174
USS Frontier NCC-175
USS Horizon NCC-176
USS Liberty NCC-177
USS Asimov NCC-178
USS Zond NCC-179
USS Marco Polo NCC-180
USS Spaulding NCC-181
USS Lincoln NCC-182
USS Maury NCC-183
USS Viking NCC-184
USS Johnson NCC-185
USS Shenandoah NCC-186
USS Nelson NCC-187
USS Independence NCC-188
USS Archon NCC-189
USS Columbia NCC-190
USS Challenger NCC-191
USS Discovery NCC-192
USS Atlantis NCC-193
USS Endeavor NCC-194
USS Gaines NCC-195
USS Venera NCC-196
USS Buena Vista NCC-197
USS Cassini NCC-198
USS Cochrane NCC-199



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