2184 – Gagarin

The 2179 Moskva class was very successful, but Starfleet reserved them for high-priority defensive and exploration missions outside the Federation borders. It was recognised that lower priority missions could be performed by smaller, less powerful ships. To meet this demand proposals were requested for the new Gagarin light cruiser, which was to be 50% smaller scale in terms of displacement, weaponry, and crew size compared to the Moskva.

Although based on the  Moskva, advances in technology allowed similar capabilities in a smaller hull. The most important of these being a much lighter and smaller warp drive system.  The primary hull was based on that of Moskva, drawing on the lessons of that design it was designed to improve warp field efficiency. The secondary hull also improved on that of the Moskva in terms of warp dynamics and use of space.

The equipment fit reflected the multi role nature of the design which was intended to perform a wide range of both exploratory and low risk military missions. The four deck primary hull contained smaller versions of the scientific facilities and sensors of  the Moskva.

The USS Gagarin (NCC-502)  joined Starfleet in 2184 and the remaining 39 ships of the class were delivered at intensive pace over the next 3 years. After withdrawal from front-line service in the 2220s, Gagarins were either sold off or used in roles such as couriers, light cargo transports, and survey ships.  The former USS Leonov (NCC-507), served for many years in a civilian scientific and academic role, and while in use by the American Continent Institute (as SS Columbia)  was lost in 2236 with all hands. USS Goddard (NCC-526) was used as a training ship by Starfleet Academy  but was scrapped in 2266 after a serious reactor accident in which several cadets and instructors (including Fleet Captain Christopher Pike) were killed or severely injured.

The  USS Bleriot (NCC-539), is on display at the Starfleet Museum.

Class: IV Year: 2184
Ship Source: Starfleet Museum Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships

USS Gagarin NCC-502
USS Shephard NCC-503
USS Titov NCC-504
USS Glenn NCC-505
USS Grissom NCC-506
USS Leonov NCC-507
USS Tereshkova NCC-508
USS Lovell NCC-509
USS Komarov NCC-510
USS Dobrovolsky NCC-511
USS Borman NCC-512
USS Collins NCC-513
USS Christopher NCC-514
USS Richey NCC-515
USS Archytas NCC-516
USS Kai-Fung-Fu NCC-517
USS Al-Rammah NCC-518
USS Fontana NCC-519
USS Haas NCC-520
USS Hyder Ali NCC-521
USS Congreve NCC-522
USS Ruggieri NCC-523
USS Burney NCC-524
USS Golightly NCC-525
USS Goddard NCC-526
USS Tsiolkovsky NCC-527
USS Oberth NCC-528
USS Korolev NCC-529
USS Sänger NCC-530
USS Ley NCC-531
USS Montgolfier NCC-532
USS Lilienthal NCC-533
USS Weisskopf NCC-534
USS Wright NCC-535
USS Santos-Dumont NCC-536
USS Zeppelin NCC-537
USS Sikorsky NCC-538
USS Blériot NCC-539
USS Earhart NCC-540
USS Yeager NCC-541

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