2196 – Paris

The Paris is a Multipurpose Light Cruiser design from the 2190’s. It was the first class to use the then experimental FFTL-1B and was often used for colonial patrol and escort duties.

The ship’s standard armanant of four lasers, and a single torpedo tube could be augmented by a bolt on cannon or torpedo tube. The class adopted a defensive role after 2221, before final retirement in 2261.

USS Damascus a participant in actions at Garner 441, Bisei-Shinnihon G, and Lisyk VIII, is on display at the Starfleet Museum.

  • Class: IV
  • Year: 2196
  • Ship Source: Starfleet Museum
  • Ship Datasheet: Download PDF

paris_large_sideCommissioned Ships:

USS Paris NCC-882
USS Berlin NCC-883
USS Madrid NCC-884
USS Amsterdam NCC-885
USS Roma NCC-886
USS Praha NCC-887
USS Lisboa NCC-888
USS Oslo NCC-889
USS Kiev NCC-890
USS Bratislava NCC-891
USS New York NCC-892
USS Houston NCC-893
USS Chicago NCC-894
USS Miami NCC-895
USS Toronto NCC-896
USS Mojave NCC-897
USS Havana NCC-898
USS Rio de Janeiro NCC-899
USS Santiago NCC-900
USS São Paulo NCC-901
USS Tripoli NCC-902
USS Lagos NCC-903
USS Nairobi NCC-904
USS Dar es Salaam NCC-905
USS Karachi NCC-906
USS Delhi NCC-907
USS Teheran NCC-908
USS Baghdad NCC-909
USS Damascus NCC-910
USS Amman NCC-911
USS Jerusalem NCC-912
USS Kabul NCC-913
USS Bangkok NCC-914
USS Seoul NCC-915
USS Shanghai NCC-916
USS Beijing NCC-917
USS Manila NCC-918
USS Tycho City NCC-919
USS Port Lowell NCC-920
USS Cosmograd NCC-921


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