2208 – Mann

“The Mann class was employed primarily for strategic purposes by the Star fleet command, providing defence and security within the ever growing Federation jurisdiction. Using advanced third generation propulsion, these ships used pure matter/antimatter annihilation and were amongst the fastest to warp. The USS Endurance (of this class) supervised the largest spacelift in Federation history, where the over ten million inhabitants of Bayard’s planet were successfully evacuated.”

The design restored much confidence in the light cruiser program after the Tritium debacle, and the ships were sought after postings due to their modern looking design and ample interior space.

The class remained in active service until 2250, when it was deemed uneconomical to further refit them as the once radical design was deemed obsolete. Two ships were sold onto the AOFW and were refitted with modern warp drives and remained in use until 2290.

Class: V Year: 2208
Ship Source: Spaceflight Chronology Ship Datasheet: Download PDF




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