2269 – Brenton

The Brenton class cruiser was designed as a complement to the Constitution class vessels and a replacement for the ageing Baton Rouge class ships in front line areas. An excellent example of Starfleet’s multi-mission design philosophy, the Brenton can readily serve under Galaxy Exploration Command or Military Operations Command. It also serves as a command ship for Starfleet operations.

The Brenton is economical to build and cheaper to operate than most other similar sized cruisers. It has a smaller crew than Constitution or later Enterprise class heavy cruisers, but can serve in similar roles as the heavy cruisers. The Brenton was designed more for combat than research, although it does have adequate facilities on board for research and exploration. It is not classed as a heavy cruiser due to lack of a secondary hull, however due to the immense width of the class it does not lack internal space.

The Brenton was designed for the older style warp nacelles from the Constitution class era, but after the first five units this was changed during construction when the newer design became standard usage. Its aft-firing torpedo has caused many an opponent to think twice before attacking from the rear. In fact, when the Brenton class first saw combat with the Klingons, the Klingons were allowed to approach from the rear. The Klingons, seeing the perfect chance to attack, were annihilated at close range by the “stupid, crippled Federation captains”, as was quoted by one captured Klingon commander after the engagement. This action has caused the Klingons to treat Brentons with respect.

Class: XI Year: 2269
Ship Source: Based on FASA Brenton Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



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