2142 – U9 vas’rosvlai (Silver Bird) Class

The U-9 class started to commission in 2142 the ship soon gained a fearsome reputation, but despite this the Earth crews dubbed it the flying peanut.

The first confirmed action involving U-9s against an Earth ship came on 18 October 2144, when two U-9s attacked the SS Amaretto within Earth controlled space. The U-9s broke off when a patrol of four Cavalry class destroyers appeared on the scene.

09 June 2148 saw a major reversal of fortune for the Romulan fleet, when the Earth’s Twenty Fourth Tactical Anti-Piracy Group cornered a U-9. This group consisted of eight Messier class cruisers and a Cavalry class destroyer. The U-9 exchanged fire with the ships, damaging the UES Oort. After sustaining substantial damage from a missile strike from the UES Hubbell the U-9, following standard Romulan policy, self-destructed to avoid capture.

On 04 May 2150, three U-9 class cruisers attacked a liner as part of the ongoing series of ‘pirate’ attacks. Almost 600 crew and passengers lost their lives in the raid, and the removal of the cargo completed the impression of piracy. The Romulans retained only the strategic materials and equipment from the cargo; they simply destroyed the remainder of it, as they had no need for it. The liner in question was the SS Diana.

The U-9 was also involved on 21 November 2151 when a mixed squadron of U-7s and U-9s destroyed eleven ships at Outer System Defence Outpost 4. The same squadron, still with U-9s in service scored a further triumph on 02 November 2154, when it attacked and destroyed Outer Sector Defence Outpost One.

Two U-9s attacked and destroyed a series of mining outposts near Sigma Canori on 16 August 2155, these ships then confronted two Horizon class cruisers of the Earth Starfleet. The U-9s managed to damage severely the UES Matador, but the UES Excelsior (commanded by Captain William Gustavus Larson) destroyed one of the U-9s and managed to drive away the other one.

The loss of the U-9 to the inferior Horizon class ship prompted an upgrade to U-9B standards. 96 ships were upgraded to U-9B standards (of 120 U-9s built). The basic U-9 had mounted the same engine system as the U-7 (RFTL-2), the lighter hull structure giving increased speed and enhanced manoeuvrability. The U-9B adopted the new RFTL-4 as used on the U-15. This engine gave the same power levels and performance, but was 20% lighter, carrying an enhanced weapons load. By January 2157, only the U-9B was in service following completion of the upgrade program. The U-9 adopted a destroyer role, acting as escorts to the larger cruisers then entering service.

Class: VI Year: 2142
Ship Source: Steve Bacon Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



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