2144 – U11 “Greater Bird” Class

The first U-11 commissioned in 2144. It was a standard U-9 with a stretched hull. The hull extension allowed the fitment of weapon bay that allowed the internal storage of two star-bomb missiles.

Internally the U-11A mounted the same systems as the U-9A, and the warp drive system was the same as the earlier vessel (RFTL-2). The additional weight of the star-bomb missile launch system meant that the U-11A was slower and less efficient than its smaller cousin was.

Production of the U-11A was limited, as the U-13B introduced in 2148 did the same role much more effectively. In all just 40 ships were built. In 2157, the surviving 21 ships were fitted with RFTL-5 engines and became U-11B in a program that ran alongside the U-9B program.

The U-11 was employed mainly to interdict Allied Capital ships on penetration raids. The firepower given by the Starbombs made it devastating for a single salvo, but woefully under armed as soon as the two missiles had been fired if the target was not crippled or destroyed. Operation experience led to the ships being deployed in packs of three of four vessels to ensure a killer blow could be swiftly struck. Against individual targets this worked, but if engaging a capital ship with escorts, the end result was normally the loss of the pack.

The U-11B is notable for being the first ship class to use the then experimental R2L-1, a year before it’s formal acceptance into service.

Class: VII Year: 2144
Ship Source: Steve Bacon Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



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