2150 – U15 stelal’deletham (Defender of Stars) Class

The U-15A entered service in 2150 and the U-15B in 2151. In appearance, it was combination of the sleek hull of the U-9 and the wide wing of the U-13. Powered by the latest RFTL-4 warp nacelles it was the fastest ship in the fleet when it commissioned.

The ship was produced in two variants, the U-15A mounted twin plasma cannons, and the U-15B mounted cluster missiles instead. Both variants could carry a single star bomb for additional anti-ship punch. Generally, the ships were deployed in threes, with two U-15Bs to each U-15A.

On 14 October 2157 , a U-15 fired the first shot of the declared war, when it fired a single SB-2 star bomb into the UES Patton near Eta Leonis VI. The Patton had been assigned to await the response to the ultimatum delivered four months previously to the Romulan Star Empire by Admiral Gunther. Three U-15s closed in on the Patton, and it got only one message off before it was destroyed, but that message was War!

Most Romulan fleet actions in the war used U-15s as the main ship; on 17 March 2158 , two squadrons of U-15s fought an earth Alliance force of similar numbers to a tactical draw at Prantares, the Romulan fleet had been headed to Rigel to trade for urgently needed technical supplies.

U-15s made up a large part of the fleet that engaged the Earth forces near Gamma Hydra, which then engaged further forces under Admiral Larson on 02 May 2159 .

In all some 575 U-15s were built, 160 U-15As and, 340 U-15Bs, and 75 U-15Cs.

The U-15C first entered service in 2155. It was a squadron command ship, which mounted a smaller missile system to allow more room for command and control facilities. It was not successful in service, and was generally used as a standard cruiser instead as the flag bridge was too small to carry a coordinating staff of sufficient size.

A number of U-15s were later converted to U-21 configuration.

Class: VII Year: 2150
Ship Source: Steve Bacon/FASA Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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