2159 – U26 Juggernaut

Construction of the Juggernaut class Battle cruiser began in 2152. By late 2159, the ship was finally ready to begin trials, but on 30 November 2159 , a daring combined Earth/Andorian raid snatched the vessel from its dock.

The second Juggernaut class ship was still incomplete at the time of the truce.

The Juggernaut had the potential to be the most powerful ship in known space, and the design called for it to carry up to 50 star bombs, which would have made it capable of destroying whole fleets on its own.

The second and last Juggernaut class ship finally entered service in 2169, and was destroyed in a border skirmish with the Klingons, but not until it had destroyed nine Klingon cruisers in 2185.

Class: XIV Year: 2159
Ship Source: Steve Bacon/FASA Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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