2245 – V1 Vadaso Stelri (Star Glider)

Soon after its introduction into exploratory service, the V-1 vessels were found to be unsuitable for their mission.  The cramped quarters and work areas would not permit extensive onboard research and testing, which meant that the ships were compelled to land on most worlds to carry out their studies.  Not only were such atmospheric operations difficu It, but the exposure of the entire ship to unknown environments put them in constant danger.  These risks were unacceptable to the Romulan High Command, so the class was reassigned as cruisers to supplement the fleets.  It evidently saw no greater success in this role, for it was removed from active service about Stardate 2/0806.  The Type 2 mounted better, bank-mounted weaponry and a more powerful impulse drive.

Of the approximately 100 built, half are assigned to reserve fleets.  Eighteen have been sold to the civil sector, where they are used as private research vessels; two operate exclusively within the Triangle.

The class is named for Vadaso Stelri (glider in the stars), an asteroid in the Romulan home system.  Ancient legend is reported to state that this glider was a returning message from the gods, directing the Romulans to follow it on its road through the stars.


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