2248 – V2 Hathos (Hunter)

The V-2 Class, first encountered by Project Grey Ghost, is believed to have been built for research missions, much like the Federation research cruisers are.  Reportedly, spacious laboratory facilities and shuttlebays for cargo storage make this ship an oddity in the Romulan navy.  Several recent combat encounters with the Klingons and forces to the coreward have proved the vessel to be undergunned and unsuitable for combat.

Several attempts were made to up-gun the ship, with the last being the introduction of the Type 5, approximately Stardate 2/00.  This version is reported to carry a small plasma weapon and improved impulse drive system.  Even so, the V-2 did not prove popular, and has been replaced by the V-5 and V-6 cruisers.

Of the approximately 70 Hunters built, about half are reported to be in reserve fleets and about 20 are reportedly working as research vessels for private firms.  This vessel has not yet been scanned at close range, and plans given are highly speculative.  The ship is named from the RomuIan hathos (hunter), likely in reference to its mission in the Exploration Division.


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