2253 – V5 Ralaaram Ocala (Skyfire)

The V-5 Class, apparently brought into service to supplement the V-2 Class, combines the need for a military vessel with that of a research vessel.  Though it reportedly is quite capable for combat roles in which the V-2 is a failure, it fills its research roles less well.  The Type 1 mounted an impressive array of disruptors with very good fields of fire.  The Type 2, introduced about Stardate 2/00, saw the removal of the forward firing disruptors in favor of a bow-mounted plasma weapon, but this version did not prove to be as combat efficient as the earlier model and has not been reported in any great numbers.

Of the approximately 80 built, about 50 are assigned to reserve fleets.  Several are used as training vessels, and eight are reported to be in use as private research vessels or cruisers.

The class is named from the RomuIan ralaaram ocala (fire from the sky), in reference to its military capabilities.


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