2256 – V6 S’ten Vastam (Gallant Wing)

The V-6 class was considered to be the ultimate replacement to fill the need for both a military vessel and a research vessel.  Designed much like Star Fleet research cruisers, they are well equipped for research duties and for combat.

At the time of their introduction about Stardate 2/09, they were the most powerful ships in the fleet.  The Type 1 mounted six of the most powerful disruptors available and the RPL-2 plasma weapon.  Although these vessels never saw combat with any Federation ships, it is speculated that this model would have been an even match for a Constitution Class cruiser.

With the Type 5, introduced about Stardate 2/11, the combat efficiency improved because its more powerful disruptors, more efficient shields, and stronger superstructure.  At this time, all Type 1s were recalled for refitting to the new configuration, and, by Stardate 2/13, this process had been completed.  The Type 5 remained in service until about Stardate 2/22, when all had been converted to the Type 7.

The Type 7, introduced on Stardate 211607, mounted improved engines and was structurally improved.  Vessels of this type are expected to remain a mainstay of the active Navy.

Of the approximately 100 V-6s built, nearly all remain in active service.  One operates as a private research vessel, appearing infrequently in the Triangle.

The class is named from the RomuIan s’ten vastam (gallant wing).

NB To fit in I’ve decided that this class was actually commissioned 10 years prior to the converted FASA date


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