2141 – Cavalry

“The Cavalry Class entered service in 2141, and was the main Destroyer class in service until the advent of the Marshall Class. These ships gave sterling service, but have been overshadowed in history by the prolific Marshall Class. In terms of basic layout, these ships can be considered the precursor of later Destroyers and Scouts of the Saladin Class family.”

The Cavalry Class entered service in 2141 as the UESN’s primary destroyer type. Visually very distinctive with its boat like hull and single underslung warp nacelle, the class was a very familiar site throughout the period 2140s and 50s. The Class did have some notable advances, it was one of the first designed to have routinely jettisonable/reattachable warp nacelle, which meant that major work on the nacelle could be undertaken by simply swapping the nacelle assembly. As a design created during the ‘peaceful’ 2140s, despite its destroyer nomenclature, the class was used primarily for policing and customs work.

A limited upgrade in 2151, following encounters with the Klingons, equipped the ships with a lighter improved warp drive (still fusion based) and a modest increase in weapon capacity. The main improvement resulting from these changes was 50% reduction in energy cost during manouevering, allowing more power to be used for shields and weapons.

Heightening tensions with the Romulans led to a final upgrade in 2156, when one of the first mass produced M/AM powerplants replaced the fusion systems. This gave the ships space for further weapons upgrades, and a another 50% cut in maneouevering energy costs. The downside of the changes was that the shield had to be downgraded to an EDS-M to keep the class in its mass limits, however given the limited power available for shields, the effect of this change was minimal.

During the war, these ships were employed in second line roles, given the emergence of the far more powerful Torsk and Marshall clases, but they did as a result provide a valuable role in allowing the more modern classes to be directed to the front lines. All Cavalry class ships were retired at the end of the war, and as such none saw service in the UFP Starfleet.

Class: II Year: 2141
Ship Source: Image based on FASA design  (labelled as Marshall Class).
Stats by David Gaba
Ship Datasheet: Download PDF




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