2243 – Cassard

The Cassard class Missile Destroyer was designed in 2242 to provide the fleet with accelerator cannon support.

The USS Cassard commissioned in mid 2243, and made use of the recently introduced M-1 control computer.

The Cassard served well in the skirmishes and conflicts with the Klingon Empire over the from 2243 until 2288. The first time they were really tried in combat was in 2248. In this encounter near Federation Outpost 1 a Klingon task force of three D-7A’s and six D-16’s  attacked six ships from the 6th fleet. Four Cassard class ships led a counter attack by eight other ships of the 6th fleet, making full use of their accelerator cannons. The Klingon flagship was destroyers by the opening volleys, and the Cassards then continued to attack the other ships in turn. The battle ended 30 minutes later with the loss of three Federation vessels, while the Klingons all but three of the D-16’s. The Cassards  continued to perform well in fleet actions when used in concert with other starships providing beam weapon suppor, but when used without such support they were found to be extremely vulnerable. As a result the Cassard class was redeployed  from independent patrol duties and mainly assigned to fleet support duties..

In 2258 the MK II version was introduced, this version mounted the new Photon Torpedoes, but the beam weapons remained weak. It was not until 2268 when the MK III version entered service that the beam weapons were finally upgraded. Until the class left service it retained the ‘classic’ design and PB series circumferential warp nacelles.

Starfleet decommissioned the last units of the Cassard class in 2288, when the remaining ships where mothballed.  26  of these ships were sold to the Affiliation of Outer Free Worlds in 2304. The USS Cassard was placed into the Starfleet museum in 2305.

Class: VI Year: 2243
Ship Source: Bill Colley Ship Datasheet: Available at tacticalstarshipcombat.com



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