2223 – Kestrel


The Andorian ship-building industry was in a poor condition by 2218. During the Earth- Romulan War, Andorian naval ship yards in orbit had built ships of local design totaling many millions tons’ displacement. However, after 2161 few Andorian designs found favor with the new Starfleet as it preferred ships with separate primary and secondary hulls were preferred for reasons of safety and flexibility. Andorian ships placed all ship’s equipment into a single hull with integrated nacelles.

The first ship in many years to be adopted by the fleet based on Andorian designs was the Aryabhatta class Cruiser which began trials in 2221. Hovever, as this ship began testing an urgent need emerged for additional Light Cruisers for Military Operation Command. The Kestrel emerged from this requirement as an upgraded variant of the basic exploration cruiser design. Weaponry included laser cannons and torpedoes. Most science facilities were removed to increase space for fuel, weapons, better damage control facilities, and a larger sickbay. The exploratory bridge module was replaced with a combat bridge with high capacity links to weapons-control processors and target acquisition sensors. The low draft typical of Andorian designs and the countermeasures suite contributed to Kestrel’s small sensor profile. Long-range passive sensors allowed Kestrel to quietly scan extensive areas of the frontier for enemy raiders and scoutships. USS Kestrel, the first ship of the class, commissioned in February 2223.

An engagement in April 2226 with Kzinti raiders in the Little Crescent sector is typical of the actions along the Federation frontier. After an automated station reported a sensor contact with a small group of unidentified ships, USS Caudiptyrex and USS Goshawk were sent to investigate. They discovered six Kzinti heavy cruisers heading to the Federation colony on Slavin H-3. By hcarrying out alternating attack and suppression runs, the two Kestrels inflicted considerable damage on the Kzinti. These actions held the Kzinti for some 5 hours until heavier reinforcements arrived from Starbase 55 to engage the Kzinti. Five of the already weakened invaders were destroyed, and the sixth ship surrendered and was tractored back to Starbase 55.

During their courageous action, the Kestrels were struck at least 25 times each by enemy fire; however, serious casualties were avoided because of the ships robust design and powerful shields. Both ships returned to Starstation Nike under their own power, where they underwent repairs in drydock before returning to duty.

USS Shrike (NCC-1434) of the Kestrel Class is now on display at the Starfleet Museum.

Class: VI Year: 2223
Ship Source: Starfleet Museum Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships

USS Kestrel NCC-1406
USS Falcon NCC-1407
USS Aquila NCC-1408
USS Warhawk NCC-1409
USS Kingfisher NCC-1410
USS Caudiptyrex NCC-1411
USS Osprey NCC-1412
USS Vulture NCC-1413
USS Pelecyornis NCC-1414
USS Harrier NCC-1415
USS Roc NCC-1416
USS Diornis NCC-1417
USS Harpy NCC-1418
USS Condor NCC-1419
USS Krechet NCC-1420 
USS Deinonychus NCC-1421
USS Kite NCC-1422
USS Goshawk NCC-1423
USS Accipiter NCC-1429
USS Pterodactyl NCC-1430
USS Rhamphorhynchus NCC-1431
USS Mononykus NCC-1432
USS Shrike NCC-1434
USS Owl NCC-1435
USS Peregrine NCC-1436
USS Merlin NCC-1439
USS Velociraptor NCC-1442
USS Skua NCC-1443
USS Hobby NCC-1444
USS Sparrowhawk NCC-1445

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