2245 – Stellarford II

“The Stellarford II (Mk4) was an attempt to restart production using new technologies in the shape of the FWH-1 warp drive. However only five new build ships were completed before the shipyard went bust due to the high costs of building the class compared to newer modular vessels, a further hull was abandoned while 60% complete. These five ships were procured by Mars shipping as part of the civilian reserve fleet program, which saw Star Fleet underwrite a proportion of the cost of acquisition of the ships in return for them being made available in times of emergency.

The performance of the Mk4 prompted Star Fleet to offer to underwrite the conversion of Mk3 ships to the standard, again in return for use of the ships in times of war. At the time the conversion of a such a number of large elderly ships was thought to be pointless, but with hindsight it can be seen that it was a perfectly timed program. 20 ships were modified to this mark by 2247, and that was planned to be the end of the program.

Visually, the Mk4 could be easily distinguished from the earlier versions as the short FFTL-3B nacelles were replaced with the much longer dilithium energised FWH-1 nacelles. The more modern construction and materials of the nacelles meant that despite their increased size they massed substantially less, meaning the class reverted to Class IV mass (unladen) and Class VI (Laden).”

Class: IV-V Year: 2245
Ship Source: Spaceflight Chronology Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



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