2253 – Osprey

The Osprey class was an escort design created by Chandley Works, and put into mass production during the Four Years War in 2253. As with other wartime builds the class was built to mercantile hull standards, but it was so successful that postwar another batch built to Starfleet standards was ordered to replace the war weary escort fleet.

To maximise production, the Mk1 retained the tried and trusted L14 computer, and used a mix of FL5 and FL6 lasers. At a cost of 261 MCr the Osprey Mk1 was arguably one of the most cost effective combat vessels produced during the war. The Mk1 continued in production alongside the Phaser armed Mk2 which commenced construction in 2255, the Mk1 was actually better armed than the later model and also was only slightly less combat efficient – but two Mk1s could be produced for the cost of a single Mk2 and wartime economics and limits on the production of the new phasers ensured the older model continued in production until 2259, while the Mk2 ceased production in 2258.

2261 saw the definitive Mk3 enter service, equipped with the M1 computer and much enhanced weaponry and shields, the Mk3 soon became the standard escort version. A number of older vessels were refitted to this standard.

Many of the early Ospreys have been sold on to act as Police and Customs vessels, or to allied powers were they are frequently used in a light destroyer role.

The success of the Mk1 Osprey and its survival in production after the Mk2 is clear testimony to the well balanced and cost effective nature of the earlier version – traits which served the beleaguered Starfleet of the four years war very well.

Class: IV
Year: 2253
Ship Source: Based on early concept for Kiaga class PA
Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


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