2254 – D9 (Seeker)

Class: VIII Year: 2254
Ship Source: FASA Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon

The D-9 cruiser was brought into service during the Four Years War to act as a research vessel. For years, the Klingon Empire had been halted in its attempts at expansion. To the rimward lay the Federation; towards the trailing arm were the Romulans; and it has been speculated that to the core-ward lay some unknown power able to hold the Klingons in check. This left the spinward area, as yet not fully explored. Expansion into this void had been slow due to the great distances from the homeworld of Klinzhai and the apparent lack of suitable worlds for conquest, but the desire to outflank the Federation altered that. The newly constructed D-9 cruiser was intended to lead this effort.

The D-9A prototype of 2254 was considered to be undergunned and was dropped from production even before it had been commissioned. An upgunned version, the D-9B with mainly defensive weaponry, was commissioned in 2255 and was immediately sent into the new expansion area. These ships and their accompanying scout ships were to map new areas and evaluate the cultural levels of any races encountered. The war with the Federation ended one year after the D-9B’s entered service, and the sense of urgency for the flanking expansion effort diminished. The flanking movement is portrayed in a Star Fleet commanders test known as Operation Armageddon.

After the end of the Four Years War, most of the facilities set up to produce these research cruisers were converted over to warship designs, accounting for the small number produced. The D-9, named “Seeker” from the Klingon “z’gal”, is manufactured at Gnuu Re, with production at three per year. These vessels are still operating in the spinward areas. Of the 82 D-9’s built, 68 remain in active service, 9 have been destroyed, 3 are listed as missing, and 2 have been sold to private interests in the Triangle.

Class: VIII Year: 2252
Ship Source: FASA Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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