2261 – Vindicator

The Vindicator class of 2261 was a development of the Anton/Miranda Class Cruiser and Surya/Coventry Class Frigate platform. A more compact looking vessel than its earlier forebears the Vindicator mounted its warp drives closer to the primary hull on much more substantial mounts. This modification of the design was based upon after action feedback from various vessels of the family that had been engaged in the Four years war.

The Vindicator class was the last twin engine version of this basic design platform produced before the adoption of the Linear Warp Drive (the later Durrett prototype being single engined).

Like many of the other ships of this overall design family, many of the Vindicator class ships were extensively rebuilt to form part of the refitted Miranda class in the 2270s and 2280s. However, the 20 newest ships of the class were rebuilt much like the Endeavour refit of the Constitution class with Vickers SCNN Linear Warp Nacelles to form the Voyager Class which continued in service until the early 2300s.

Class: XI Year: 2261
Ship Source: Jackills Starship Data Sheet Ship Datasheet: Coming Soon



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