This is a redesigned version of the site. This site’s material  has been compiled by Steve Bacon, with generous assistance from Bryan Jecko and Lee Wood, and with suggestions and feedback from George Recker Jr, Steve Pugh, Terry Shannon and others at the FASA Star Trek Universe eGroup.

Our Mission

Was originally to recreate the missing chapters from Star Fleet’s past for the FASA Star Trek Ship Combat Tactical Simulator game, it has now expanded slightly to try to reconcile FASA’s Star Trek universe with the more mainstream Technical Fandom Star Trek Universe.

Please feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions or feedback at vintage.starships@ntlworld.com.

The Site

This site contains the rules for creating and playing the Federation (and Earth) Starships of the 2150-2230 era. The Original FASA ship construction manual allows creation of ships from 2230 onwards. The modules available on site extend this back to 2150, and the Romulan War era. The site also contains FASA conversions of ships from that period sourced from the classic Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology, the superb Starfleet Museum website, the excellent Ex-Astris Scientia website, and also some ships built to conjectural FASA designs.

The Game System

The FASA Star Trek Ship combat evolved through 3 editions to eventually produce the Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator. Although long out of print the system has recently been sold, in the aftermath of the collapse of FASA, and is due to be re-launched with a new non Star Trek setting. The original can still be obtained from eBay and numerous second hand game (or book) retailers and websites.


The Enterprise TV series seems at first glance to seriously contradict the conjectural technical histories of  FASA, the Starfleet Museum and other Treknical sources. However a number of these contradictions can be rationalized as being the result of the NX class being an experimental vessel in many ways (for example the Warp 5 capability and matter/antimatter reactor), other contradictions can also be rationalized quite easily, perhaps the the Phase Cannons are actually less advanced in some way than the FL lasers of FASA technical history. Some things do fit in well, the polarized hull plating is clearly an ancestor of deflector shields.

The current position of the site is to follow the FASA chronology (albeit with corrections made to the years) as combined with the events from the Starfleet Museum it gives the best picture of events between 2161 and 2245. The chronology will of course evolve as the Enterprise series progresses, but as of the end of the first series there are no insurmountable problems for the Earth/Federation histories and technologies. The biggest problem is of course the Klingon D-7 design which has appeared in Enterprise, 90 years before the FASA conjectural commissioning date, but this problem to can be overcome by treating it as a smaller predecessor class (the D-1) that the D-7 later evolved from.


The Starfleet Museum

The Starfleet Museum is a project started by Masao Okazaki to document the early history of the Star Trek Universe. His ships were not designed with FASA rules in mind, so although the conversions are as close to the spirit of his designs as possible, some ships have slightly different weapon fits and mass characteristics.


Ex Astris Scientia

Ex Astris Scientia is Bernd Schenider’s Star Trek site, he hosts the Starfleet Museum, and also has some early ship desigs of his own. Again his ships were not designed with FASA rules in mind, so although the conversions are as close to the spirit of his designs as possible, some ships have slightly different weapon fits and mass characteristics.


Space Flight Chronology

This book was published in the early 1980’s by Pocket books. It was the first (and indeed) mass published attempt to fill in the gaps in the Star Trek universe history. Although its dates are incorrect, and many of the designs do not fit with a modern conception of the Star Trek universe, it is still a highly important source as no other book has attempted to replicate the subject matter, and because much the FASA history was taken directly from it. Much of the content of the book is online at The Guardian of Forever.



Ship role descriptions by Bryan Jecko.

Ship FASA Gaming statistics by Steve Bacon and Lee Wood.

All CG Images by Steve Bacon unless otherwise credited.

All original Images and designs remain the property of the their respective artists.

This Site would not be possible in its current form without Masao Okazaki at the Starfleet Museum‘s generous permission to use his designs and histories, or without the the superb resource provided by Jim Steven’s  Starship Schematic Database.

Space Flight Chronology Scans provided by Steve Pugh at Vessels of Starfleet; ship designs and images from  Ex Astris Scientia by courtesy of Bernd Schneider; Other images by Mike Bartel at captainmike.org and Harry Doddema at Titan Fleetyards

Technical Issues

Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to use the PDF files available at this site click here to obtain it for free.

This site has been tested successfully with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 5, Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 6, Netscape 6.2, Opera 5 and Opera 6. It also functions with Netscape 4 and other older browsers although some formatting and styles may not be visible or display correctly.

Legal Issues

STAR TREK and all related marks TM, (R), and (C) are sole property of PARAMOUNT PICTURES CORPORATION. All rights reserved. No copyright infringement intended. No profits are made with this web site.

Paramount Pictures Corporation, FASA Corporation, and Fantasimulation Associates are NOT related in anyway with these Web pages; it is an undertaking and opinions of private citizens (hence unofficial), and is not construed to be an official position of any of the above companies. Ideas and information from the games are presented without permission.

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