Assault Ships

Assault Carriers are considered the backbone of most ground force support squadrons, capable of attacking a single fixed target with extensive weapons, while supporting large numbers of attack shuttles and troop transports. Assault Carriers act as primary base vessels for ground troops and support troops, coordinating troop movement, landing zones, medical recovery and space support operations with other Assault Ships and Frigates. Assault Carriers can support entire brigades when necessary.

Most Assault Carriers have large numbers of docking facilities and specialized hangar decks that allow for the mass transfer of troops and equipment to waiting shuttlecraft. Assault Carriers also have extendable docking rings used to link with other support vessels. Most Assault Carriers are larger than standard vessels of similar mass and are extremely expensive to operate for lengthy periods of time. Assault Carriers are known for their Port and Starboard weapons compliment, owing to their ground support role. As with other shuttle carrier vessels, Assault Carriers are often used during rescue missions to provide evacuation points and transport when necessary.

Assault Ships are the most specific troop movement vessels assigned to most space navies.  Assault Ships are designed to quickly load men and material for moderately extended operations, transport said troops to a planet and support landing and operations planet side for months at a time.  Most Assault Ships are moderately armed, able to aggressively defend them selves and support defending escorts from hostile space born combat platforms.  Most Assault Ships are able to support over 1000 troops in ground operations.  Many Assault Ships have moderate medical facilities, cargo replication ability, some research capability and minor command and control ability.  Assault Ships have a wide range of specialized defence system to keep troops safe during transport and in the initial stages of an assault.  Many Assault Ships also support fighter wings to help protect the vessel and conduct ground attacks. Assault Ships are usually faster than Troop Transports, and are often seen in large convoys with other Troops vessels.

Fleet Monitors  were used for heavy duty missile and gunfire support. They were used primarily for orbital bombardment.