Commmand Cruisers

Command Cruisers are designed to operate as mobile star-bases and tactical operations focal points during both emergency situations and times of conflict. Command Cruisers act as a Flagship for medium to large fleets, often superceding command of Battleships or Dreadnought. Command Cruisers can coordinate the operations of nearly 100 or more other vessels, having specialized on-board Command-and-Control systems, tactical data systems, and on-board analysis systems that allow a front line commander to quickly assess the changing political and military situation for dozen of parsecs.

Command Cruisers are able to coordinate large scale research operations, but have only a moderate research ability themselves. Most Command Cruisers are equal or larger than Heavy Cruisers, and have firepower equivalent to most Dreadnoughts. Command Cruisers do have a much shorter range, owing to the large number of extra crew members on-board, which often include Intelligence operatives, special forces personnel, Military strategists, tactical engineering/analysis personnel and other specialized military or research personnel.

Command Cruisers also have surprisingly extensive repair and medical systems, allowing them to act as a rescue vessels when necessary.

Communication cruisers met a need after the invention of the subspace transceiver array, these specialist ships allowed faster than light communication between command bases and distant fleets, these ships became the earliest iteration of the Command Cruiser