Exploration and Research Cruisers

Exploration cruisers are specifically designed to map and explore deep space. Although they posses the capability to conduct first contact and terrestrial investigations, their primary systems are dedicated to mapping solar systems, stars, comets and other deep space objects.

Exploration Cruisers are often larger than standard cruisers, and have extended patrol capability, larger fuel reserve, and better crew accommodations. Most are used as scouts during times of conflict.

Research cruisers are specifically designed to conduct intensified and detailed investigations on a single phenomenon. Unlike other cruisers, which keep their system separated, Research Cruisers integrate their on-board systems, allowing cross department data transfer and material analysis. This unique ability is not without it’s limits.

Several Research Cruisers have been crippled when a single system became damaged/infected by a research subject. Although this has happened with other classes of Starship, the inherent De-centralized nature of Research Cruisers does make them more prone to such accidents. Like Exploration Cruisers, Research Cruisers are used as scouts during times of conflict.