Medical Cruisers

Like other Medical vessels, Medical Cruisers are designed to provide extensive medical facilities for very large groups of people. Most Medical Cruisers can take on hundreds of patients when necessary, and have sufficient supplies to operate in the field for several years. Unlike other Medical vessels, Medical Cruisers dedicate nearly every on-board lab to medical treatment and research, with many Medical Cruisers having large civilian medical staff.

Unlike Medical Frigates,  Medical Cruisers have fewer trauma bays, but a greater number of surgical wards. Medical Cruisers also have a greater number of non-humanoid surgical systems and a larger long-term care capability. Although able to take on a tremendous number of refugees, Medical Cruisers can not support them readily and must rely on other vessels for transportations of such groups. Medical Cruisers also have larger medicine production capability, and are able to transport or deliver mass quantities of rare medicines to other ships and planets.