Models and tools

The original iteration of this site (around the turn of the milennium!) used images I’d found around the web, scanned from FASA books or drawn in MS Paint, as a result they were inconsistent in look and style. In 2002 I rebuilt the site using MS Frontpage and replaced all the images with simple 3d models to give a more consistent presentation, and also to try to give more views of the ships (some of which were very obscure and only existed as 2d plans).

All told this site will eventually consist of several hundred 3d models, all created by myself in Anim8or. The models are simple as they are intended to be viewed at a small scale on the screen, similarly the textures are simple as I view the models much as the old FASA (Games Workshop in the UK) ship miniatures.

Before the old site went offline I’d tried using Google Sketchup to create rotatable 3d models, it worked well but was a little time consuming. Now with the relaunch of the site, and the passing of time, new tools are available – and I’ve now begun loading copies of my models into Sketchfab which allows viewers to interact with the model as if handling a miniature. The initial batch covers the Constitution, Einstein, Modified Einstein, Bennet, Ranger and Horizon (2190) classes.