Rules and Construction Tables

This section contains the rules for creating and playing the Federation, Romulan and Earth Starships of the 2150-2230 era.  Rules will also be published for building Klingon Ships, and those of other races from the same period.

The Original FASA ship construction manual allows creation of ships from 2230 onwards. The modules available on site extend this back to 2150, and the Romulan War era.

Rules Modules

Historic Ship Rules

Ground Assault and Boarding Party Rules

Construction Tables

2150-2160 Earth Construction Tables

2161-2230 UFP Ship Construction Tables

2130-2230 Romulan Ship Construction Tables

The Game System

The FASA Star Trek Ship combat evolved through 3 editions to eventually produce the Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator. Although long out of print the system was sold a number of years ago, in the aftermath of the closurse of FASA, and was due to be re-launched with a new non Star Trek setting – however after a number of years this is still not available. The original can still be obtained from eBay and numerous second hand game (or book) retailers and websites.

Ship Classes

As a gaming system FASA split all vessels into one of 20 weight classes. This system did not affect gameplay, but did play a major part in Starship construction rules. The mass classes are as follows:

Ship Class Minimum Weight
Maximum Weight
I 1,000 5,000
II 5,000 15,000
III 15,000 25,000
IV 25,000 40,000
V 40,000 60,000
VI 60,000 80,000
VII 80,000 100,000
VIII 100,000 120,000
IX 120,000 140,000
X 140,000 160,000
XI 160,000 180,000
XII 180,000 210,000
XIII 210,000 240,000
XIV 240,000 300,000
XV 300,000 350,000
XVI 350,000 400,000
XVII 400,000 450,000
XVIII 450,000 500,000
XIX 500,000 600,000
XX 600,000 700,000