Escorts provide a wide range of support capabilities to front line combat vessels and large convoys found throughout travel lanes. Unlike Destroyers, which use passive sensors to detect enemy forces, Escorts use active sensors, scanning with dozens of different systems. Built for delaying actions, Escorts are used primarily to delay and harass enemy forces, giving freighters time to escape and other combat vessels time to arrive on scene.

Escorts also act as scouts and rescue vessels for convoys and other large forces. Nearly all escorts traverse from one point to the next, often on standard patrol routs and freight runs. Most escorts have surprisingly comfortable crew amenities, owing to their lengthy patrols. Many convoy runs take two to three times as long as a standard cruise, due to the slower speed of fully laden cargo vessels. None the less, they can move at surprising speed when necessary. Escorts are also designed to be very easy to construct and maintain, being able to be produced in vast numbers.

Most Escorts are armed for short to medium range combat, owing to their greater chance of encountering light, fast pirate vessels. None the less, Escorts are armed heavily enough to engage enemy destroyers and light to medium cruisers with a high degree of success.