2211 – Eclipse

The Eclipse class was designed in parallel with the Asia class. While not a direct sister design they do share many components, most notably the weapons systems are identical on both designs.

Class: VI Year: 2211
Ship Source: Ex Astris Scientia /Bernd Schnieder Ship Datasheet: Download PDF



2222 – Detroit

The Detroit Class was produced as the light Cruiser counterpart to the Asia class, although it did not enter service until some 20 years after the Asia class. They were intended to supplement the earlier Eclipse class cruiser, but they were found to be not as versatile.

The class had some notable firsts, including the first shuttlebays on the aft edge of the primary hull, either side of the impulse drive.

The roles intended for the class were mainly exploration and transport, and although relatively lightly armed the class could hold its own in combat.

The class was relegated to second line roles in the late 2240s when the Anton and Tyrannus class commissioned, and the surviving ships were finally withdrawn in the 2260s as they were judged to be unsuitable for upgrading


Class: VIII Year: 2222
Ship Source: Ex Astris Scientia /Bernd Schnieder Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


Commissioned Ships:

  • USS Detroit NCC-1396
  • USS Columbia NCC-1401
  • USS Lion NCC-1402
  • USS Maine NCC-1403
  • USS Forrestal NCC-1404
  • USS Mexico NCC-1405

2219 – Mercury

The Mercury Class frigate was based on the Asia class design. It was used almost exclusively as a deep space explorer, far beyond the Federation treaty zone. With the introduction of more capable ships such as the Constitution class the ships were later used on more short range missions. The last ships of the class decommissioned as late as 2279.


2182 – Lincoln I

Developed from the Daedalus class, the Lincoln Class constituted a large proportion of Starfleet’s cruiser strength in the late 22nd century. The class has the distinction of being the first type produced at the then new Utopia Planitia shipyards. A number of these vessels were upgraded in 2230.

Class: VII Year: 2182
Ship Source: Ex Astris Scientia/Bernd Schnieder Ship Datasheet: Download PDF