2257 – Bakker

The Bakker Class Command Cruiser entered service the year after the Four Years War. Originally planned as a class of twelve ships, only six were commissioned.

As with many ships of her era she is a rearrangement of the highly successful Constitution Class design, the secondary hull being the same as the conventional design although with a shorter neck. The low mounted warp nacelles allowed the addition of a tertiary hull in the Dorsal position atop the secondary hull. This tertiary hull housed a full fleet command suite, with separate computer and life support systems. It was capable of being swapped for a multi mission pod, but the the only other pod procured was a transport one, proposed carrier and weapon pods were not forthcoming.

In service the Bakker concept worked well to a degree, but the large tertiary hull limited speed and reduced efficiency compared to more conventional Cruisers.

The USS Bakker (NCC 1996) was lost in 2270. She was stolen by a crew of Klingon renegades aided by the commanding officer of Starbase 6 (Commander Baines) while docked for refit.

Commander Spock of the Enterprise established that the Klingons were not acting on behalf of the empire, and contacted the Klingon Commander Kor to warn him that the ship was entering Klingon space. A battle group led by Kor destroyed the Bakker, however the incursion and destruction of the ship did not impact negatively on Klingon-Federation relations due to the nature of the incident – indeed it did lead to a greater level of understanding.