2265 – Archer

The Archer class scout was designed for use as an independent light scout/explorer in contested areas. Capable of landing on planets as part of its role, the Archer was notable for packing a considerable punch in its small size, with the Mk1 mounting an FP2 photon system in its nimble class II hull (although only 12 reloads can be carried). Three single FH4s were mounted (1FS,1FP and 1A) covering all arcs of fire.

The Mk2 mounted the FSD shield giving a marginal improvement over the Mk1. The later Mk3 offered much enhanced Photon torpedoes, with the new FP7 fitted, although this was at the expense of the rear phaser owing to limits imposed by the L14 computer. In compensation though another four reloads are now carried in the former phaser bay, although these have to be carried through the ship by hand for loading into the forward launcher.

The Archer is not designed as a combat ship, but as an independent scout it is capable of an extremely robust defence.

Class: III Year: 2265
Ship Source: Star Trek Vanguard Ship Datasheet: Download PDF


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Commissioned Ships include

  • USS Archer
  • USS Arjuna
  • USS Artemis
  • USS Bowman (NCC 1968)
  • USS Kyudo
  • USS Locksley
  • USS Longbow
  • USS Sagitarrius (NCC 1894)

2243 – Miranda

What eventually became one of the most common and longest lived Starship designs started with this vessel.

USS Miranda (NCC-1833) was launched on 10/1/2243, and was the precursor to a range of classes (Anton, Surya, Coventry).

The Miranda class eventually numbered 15 vessels, which served well in the conventional cruiser role, unlike the majority of ships of this configuration which filled the Frigate role.

The Miranda was refitted to become a Cruiser variant of what was then known as the Avenger (Frigate) or Reliant (Research cruiser) in 2283. However a change in Starfleet policy following the Khitomer accords and the reductions in the military role focussed frigate fleet saw the Avenger class frigates redesignated as being a Cruiser as part of the Miranda class. Over the following decades as refit programs progressed the Avengers (and indeed the Reliants) all became full members of the Miranda class as each refit program covered ships from the various predecessor classes.

  • Class:X
  • Year:2243
  • Ship Source: Class Name CBS/Paramount, USS Bombay from ST:Vanguard, Miranda Registry Alex Rosenzweig
  • Ship Datasheet:Coming Soon


Commissioned Ships of this class included:

Bombay, Achilles, Equinox, Miranda, Rutherford, Lantree