2106 – Messier (Type II)

“.. the Pollux and its fellow Messier class ships were ..refitted for military use. The Pollux saw considerable action during the Romulan War.”

The Messier class cruisers were built in two distinct different variations, when  the Messier specification was issued two different shipyards submitted design and built bids. To satisfy competing political interests the order was split between the two yards (one terran and one martian). Both yards used identical equipment, and broadly similar dimensions, but the execution of the design was considerably different. Although the approach met political needs and also served to drive down costs to a degree by encouraging competition, it did lead to a duplication of parts and components which led to overall increased costs.

Class: IV Year: 2106
Ship Source: Starfleet Tactical Database II Ship Datasheet: Download PDF
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2210 – Sigma

“Because of the failure of the Tritium class, concern for defence capabilities results in the building of an advanced prototype battle cruiser. This ship doesn’t become part of the fleet, but many of its improvements do.”

The 2210 Battle Cruiser (Sigma Class) was another attempt to produce a front line combatant. Again the design was excellent in principle, but was again found to be underpowered. This time however the basic design (in terms of systems) was used, as it was integrated into the design of the Quetzalcoatl class semi Dreadnought.

Class: XIV Year: 2210
Ship Source: Space Flight Chronology/Starfleet Tactical Database II Ship Datasheet: Download PDF